Case details

Merger control
Case reference
Ccent/2022/62 - Fertiberia / Fertimix
Fertiberia, S.A.
It is mainly active in Europe in the production and distribution of traditional and special fertilizers for extensive rainfed agriculture, traditional irrigation and drip irrigation, as well as industrial chemicals made by large companies in the chemical, wood, cosmetics and car.
Fertimix BVBA
Holding company of the Fertimix Group, which is active in the international trade of fertilizers. In particular, Fertimix operates as a wholesaler of high quality fertilizers for the agricultural sector, offering a complete package of services, from basic to customized for each individual crop. In addition to these activities, Fertimix also offers services for the storage, transfer, mixing and packaging of raw materials in different quantities and for multiple customers.
Activity (NACE)
Applicable legislation
Art. 37(1)(a) (Law 19)
Notification thresholds
Market Share threshold
Type of merger
Cooperation with sector regulators
Type of Investigation
Phase 1
AdC’s decision
Case description

The notified concentration consists of the acquisition of sole control over Fertimix by Fertiberia. 

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