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Ccent/2023/17 - LNE / R&B*Arena Atlântico
Arena Atlântida - Gestão de Recintos Multiusos, S.A.
Portuguese entity based in Lisbon, whose activities consist of the management and operation of the Altice Arena in Lisbon. Arena Atlântico is one of the controlling shareholders of Blueticket – Serviços de Bilhetica, S.A., a ticketing service provider active in the marketing, distribution and sale of tickets for live shows and other live entertainment events.
Live Nation Entertainment Inc.
Company active in the live music entertainment industry, headquartered in the United States of America and the parent company of the Live Nation Entertainment Group. Outside Portugal, LNE is active at various levels of the live events value chain, through the promotion of live events, ownership and exploitation of live entertainment spaces, provision of ticketing or ticketing services and provision of artist agency services. In Portugal, it is active in promoting the Rock in Rio Lisboa festival.
Ritmos e Blues Produções, Lda.
Portuguese company based in Lisbon, whose main activity is the promotion of live events.
Activity (NACE)
Applicable legislation
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Cooperation with sector regulators
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Phase 1
AdC’s decision
Phase II decision
Case description

The merger in question consists of the acquisition by Live Nation Entertainment Inc. of an indirect controlling stake in Ritmos & Blues Produções, Lda. and Arena Atlântico – Gestão de Recintos Multiusos, S.A. and respective subsidiaries.

Phase I Decision - The AdC adopted a decision to carry out an in-depth investigation into the merger operation 17/2023 - LNE / R&B*Arena Atlântico.
Live Nation Entertainment notifies the acquisition of indirect control over Ritmos & Blues Produções and Arena Atlântico.
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