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Merger control
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Ccent/2024/25 - Notícias Ilimitadas / Global Notícias
Global Notícias - Media Group, S.A.
GNMG's participation in RN and the following brands owned by GNMG: Jornal de Notícias, Jornal de Notícias História and websites NTV and Delas, Notícias Magazine, O JOGO, Volta ao Mundo and Evasões.
Notícias Ilimitadas, S.A.
Is a vehicle company, controlled and owned 100% by Verbos Imaculados Lda., in turn controlled and owned by the companies PARSOC, Investimentos e Participações social, S.A., MESOSYSTEM, S.A., Ilíria – Serviços de Consultoria e Gestão, Lda., Oti Investimentos, Lda. and by natural persons. It was established to operate in the area of ??disseminating third-party activities, namely through advertisements, dedicating itself to the editing, production, marketing and distribution of newspapers and magazines and other media; development of e-commerce platforms and their purchase and sale; marketing and advertising through e-commerce, internet and other media, provision of services linked to advertising; development and use of databases obtained through the publication of advertisements and e-commerce and virtual stores.
Activity (NACE)
Applicable legislation
Notification thresholds
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Cooperation with sector regulators
Type of Investigation
Phase 1
AdC’s decision
Case description

The concentration operation consists of the acquisition by Notícias Ilimitadas, S.A. (“Notícias Ilimitadas”), of the ownership of a set of national brands held by Global Notícias – MEDIA GROUP, S.A. (“GNMG”) and of the share capital held by is held in Sociedade Rádio Notícias (together, “Assets to be Acquired”).

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