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SNEOC — Electronic Notification System for Mergers is an online platform that allows the electronic filing of merger notifications. You can access SNEOC after registration either to notify a merger or consult an ongoing merger case. Check out how to register to access this platform.

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Ccent/2023/4PVM / Mondelez
Ccent/2023/7EDPR / SPEE
Ccent/2023/8Urbaser / Industrial Waste NewCo
Ccent/2023/9Luís Vicente*Jerónimo Martins / Empresa Comum
Ccent/2023/10M. Coutinho / Bomcar*Bomrent
Ccent/2023/11Fundo Crest II / Ecocompósitos
Ccent/2023/12Explorer IV / Exaktus
Ccent/2023/13Finerge Alfama / Corner and Border
Ccent/2022/31BSC / M.I. Tech
Ccent/2022/55Vodafone / Cabonitel
Ccent/2022/64Midsid / Dois Lados